Training of Youth on Gandhian Values

Himalayan ecosystem and its people today face a massive challenge against the onslaught of Globalization and Privatization which are adversely effecting the environment, ecology and social economic health of the Himalayan communities. As a result of unplanned development and exploitation taking place in the Himalayan region the communities ling there have been badly effected causing lot of stress and unrest in the region. A lot of tension and violence is seen in the Himalayan communities for eg. I Kashmir, Northeast, Nepal and Tibet etc. There is a need to initiate a campaign for non violent, conflict resolution through a process of discussion and dialogue among conflicting communities and Interest groups. Himalaya Seva Sangh has been initiating this process at various levels and at different places in the Himalayan region. A strong need has always been felt to initiate new and young people into Gandhian Social action to keep the movement live and vibrant. Keeping this in mind Himalaya Seva Sangh in collaboration with its members, activists and partner organization has been organizing Gandhi Vichar Prashikshan Karyakram (A training Program for inducting new volunteers in to Gandhi Philosophy and action Program). Himalaya Seva Sangh in collaboration with Laxmi Ashram in Kausani, Himalaya Paryavaran Shiksha Sansthan in Uttarkashi and Tamulpur Anchalic Gram Daan Sangh in Assam has been organizing this training program for more than a decade.

This Program is of 9 months duration each batch consists of 10 -15 volunteers belonging to the Himalayan community and most of them committed and interested to work as social activists in their respective areas.


The Program consists of study, research and action part to equip the volunteers in an all round fashion while working in the communities on various issues with a Gandhian approach.

To expose the volunteers to various social and environmental movements going on in the country. Exposure trip are organized during this program to various field based development organizations working for the promotion of Khadi and village industries. They are also taken to get a good exposure in different parts of the country where Gandhian movement had its roots.

The course content comprises of study of Gandhian Principles and thoughts which touches all aspects of life in society. Students of this course are trained in methods and techniques of non violent conflict resolution and are prepared to deal with difficult and conflict situation in society.

Himalaya Seva Sangh is looking for support in term of ideas, experience and financial assistance to strengthen and run this program.

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