An Outreach Program for Mountain Children

Himalaya Seva Sangh (HSS) is having an outreach program for ‘Mountain Children’. The idea for initiating and developing a Child Support Program for the Himalayan Communities has evolved in the HSS team as a result of sustained dialogue and consultation with the local communities, social action groups and activists working on various community development programs in the region.
It has been felt by our co-workers and activists that although there are various programs and projects run by NGO’s and Governmental organizations to uplift and enhance the status of women and children in the Himalayan region, there is a large section of child population which is left uncared and unattended by any social support or security mechanism. This section largely comprises of children belonging to the poor and marginalized communities that have been deprived of adequate job or employment opportunities with no or very little cultivable land belonging to them. As a result there is a lot of pressure on all members of the family including children to get involved in some or the other kind of economic activity for their survival. This pressure snatches away the innocent childhood from these children, denies them the basic right to education and forces them into a cruel world of hard labour.
We feel that there is a definite linkage between the social, economic and environmental pressures that the Himalayan communities are going through due to faulty developmental pattern adopted by our market driven consumerist society and the sufferings that the poor and marginalized women and children are going through. We feel it important to sensitize the community and prepare them by making them understand these linkages and organize them to assist this marginalized section of the Himalayan community.
There are also children who are left with no family support system and are forced by circumstances to work under difficult condition, often felt the need to form a system to be able to help this section of our society and hence we have initiated a Child Support Program which will gradually build up its resources and capacities to be able to extend a helping hand to these children in need.


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