Friends Of Himalayas

Meet our Friends Who have worked and volunteered with us 



Denise Lundell Berg

“This was not my first visit to India though earlier i had only traveled through this beautiful country as a tourist. This time i traveled to the Himalayas with my Swedish Folk High school, to learn about the work of HSS and the lives of the people in the mountains. I saw India trough new eyes and learned a lot about the struggle for equal rights and protection of the environment. I feel strong solidarity with the people of the Himalayas and all over India. I wish, with all my heart, to someday come back; take a stand for, work together with and make a difference for the less fortunate people of India. Environmental issues and Dalit rights are some of the biggest issues that the government need to be forces into start dealing with. Therefore the work of HSS is so important!”



Maria Oscarsson


Before I went to India and met the people who worked with hss, I thought it would be a hard time for me seeing all the suffering among the citizen of India. Injustice, hunger, poverty. That’s what I prepared for but when I finaly had to see the work the people in this villages of Himalaya was doing, I thought less of suffering and more of fellowship and strength. That is what left the biggest impression on me.





 Rachel Smith


My time with Himalaya Seva Sangh was wonderful. I went up to the mountains with two other young women and we interviewed farming families about how migration out of the region had affected their lives and their desire to stay in the area. We followed up with their family members who had gone to Delhi to hear their side of the story and our research  showed us that the outward migration of men from the area not only affects individual families but creates hardships in villages as fewer families continue traditional agriculture. The people we interviewed were welcoming and very willing to talk to us. One woman was speaking about all the things people like about the cities, but she said she would never leave the mountains because she said “my Garhwal is beautiful.” It was an interaction that made a huge impact on me.  My whole experience with HSS was enlightening and I hope to continue to be in contact with friends I made for many years to come.





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